Launching the Audacious Street Team!

Launching the Audacious Street Team!

Apply to be a member of our street team!


We are thrilled to announce we are accepting applications for our brand ambassadors! Abby and I have been excited to launch this for awhile and it's so good to see it come to life. We'll be able to showcase the Audacious style and brand through a diverse group of brand ambassadors, and that is something we are SO pumped about.

A few helpful tips if you plan on applying:

  • Our ambassadors must really love our store! We don't even look at applications if they don't follow us on at least Instagram. @audaciouspitt
  • If you only post once a month, this probably isn't for you.
  • Do you love fashion? You're much more likely to grab our attention if your Instagram feed has some solo shots of you wearing a cute outfit!
  • Is your Instagram account public, 24/7? If we check your account and it's private, we won't consider your application.
Once you've applied we will send you an information packet with more details, and if it's a perfect fit, then we'll get started!



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