Double Ended Rope Lead

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Gorgeous rope lead for your hot girl walks with your pup!

Length: 82 inches
Thickness: 1/2 inch 
Maximum weight: 66 lbs
Material: 100% Cotton rope with metal fastening 
Do not put in washing machine (gentle hand wash only)
D-Ring to attach accessories to (e.g. treat bag holder)

Key Features: 
  • Create a basic normal lead using the O-ring to create a loop for the handle
  • Hands free functionality (perfect for hands free walkies or for running with your pooch)
  • Clip to your dogs collar and harness D-ring for added control when walking
  • Flexible functionality with 3 O-rings along the lead for multiple configurations
**Please note that like all human accessories, dog accessories are subject to wear and tear and it is the responsibility of the owner to keep an eye on the condition to make sure it is safe for their pup to wear.
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