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Hand-poured, 100% soy candles made in the USA and inspired by our beloved hometown. Choose from scents that invoke college memories, downtown shopping, or just plain coming home.

Pittsburg, Kansas: Pittsburg is a place full of tradition, spirit, and love. Gentle sandalwood and cashmere evoke the feelings of a warm, breezy day, and the embrace of friends and family, where Pittsburg is always a place to call home.  

The Oval: It’s at the heart of campus, connecting you to opportunities, friends, and a lifetime of memories. Scents of leather, tea, and pomegranate blend to bring back school days, fresh air, books and apple barrels, inspired by our alma mater dear. 

Be Bold: An homage to a place very special to our hearts. We hope this blend of grapefruit, citrus and evergreen empowers you to always be bold and audacious in every endeavor.

Farmer’s Market: Music, fresh flowers, greens, handmade items and more - the Pittsburg Farmers Market is a delight to all five senses. Pear and redwood bring home the thrill of fresh produce and artisan goods. 

Lakeside Park: Maybe you enjoy the cool breezes from the water, the wildlife, or simply taking a stroll around the lake. Bring home the warmth and freshness of one of our favorite parks in this lemongrass and ylang ylang scented candle.

Wilderness Park: Wilderness Park is a natural refuge where wild plants and flowers abound. Sweet clover and lavender capture the tranquility of a walk in the woods. 

Amazon Army:The invigorating scents of spearmint, peppermint, and eucalyptus pays tribute to a coalition of women who fought against unfair labor practices. 

On December 11, 1921 five hundred women from the numerous mining camps in the area issued a statement in the name of "the wives of the loyal union men of Kansas" in protest against the unfair labor practices and laws involving hazardous working conditions, poor pay, and discrimination in the coalfields of southeast Kansas. Over the next 3 days the protestors marched and swelled to nearly 6,000 women. 

PICCO Ice Cream: One of our best-selling candles, PICCO takes you to a time of fresh ice cream and a summer day. A Pittsburg landmark, now memorialized in a sweet lemon and vanilla scent that transports you to your favorite summer treat.

Pumpkin Patch: Our top-selling fall scent! Reminds you of walking around the local pumpkin patch with a PSL in hand. 

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