Neighborhood Candle

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Hand-poured, 100% soy candles made in the USA and inspired by our beloved hometown. Choose from scents that invoke college memories, downtown shopping, or just plain coming home.

Pittsburg, Kansas: Pittsburg is a place full of tradition, spirit, and love. Gentle sandalwood and cashmere evoke the feelings of a warm, breezy day, and the embrace of friends and family, where Pittsburg is always a place to call home.  

The Oval: It’s at the heart of campus, connecting you to opportunities, friends, and a lifetime of memories. Scents of leather, tea, and pomegranate blend to bring back school days, fresh air, books and apple barrels, inspired by our alma mater dear. 

Home For The Holiday: Embrace the warm reminder of being home for the holidays with the scent of classic cinnamon and nutmeg.

Christmas On Broadway: The heart of our town during the merriest time of year, may the scent of cranberry, mandarin and clove remind you of cruising your hometown enjoying the gorgeous holiday lights strung throughout!

Christmas Tree Farm: The perfect scent of birchwood and evergreen bark reminding you of all the holiday memories picking out the perfect Christmas tree, and decorating the perfect tree!

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