Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are all items in store on the website?

A: No! Some of our vendors have agreements that don’t allow us to sell their items on our website. Other items (like Capri Blue candles) have a major risk of breaking in transit. Some items are low in stock so we don't put them online. And, some items we don’t put online in order to give our local customers a chance to view and purchase them first.

Q: What if I see something on social media that's not on the website?

A: We are still happy to send it to you! Just give us a call or send us a DM and we will help you pick out the item, invoice you or take your card information, and get it shipped to you!

Q: Do the text mobile coupons work on the website?

A: Yup! Just hit redeem coupon on your text link right before you checkout, and then enter the code in the discounts section of the checkout screen.

Q: Can I do a local pickup?

A: Yes! Just select it during the shipping portion of checkout.